About Body Praxis Workplace Ergonomics & Individualized Programming

Body Praxis is a proven, professionally developed, rehabilitation program designed to target pain symptoms commonly experienced by dental and medical professionals as a result of workplace ergonomics, poor posture, and repetitive movement patterns.

about_11_1301672301The program starts with a comprehensive, one-on-one functional movement analysis that takes place at our conveniently located rehabilitation center in East Amherst, New York. In this initial evaluation, Rick identifies compensatory and faulty movement patterns created by your workplace habits. In addition, Rick will:

  • Review your prior medical history
  • Review any orthopedic injuries
  • Target specific pain and discomfort areas
  • Evaluate movement and fitness levels

Rick then creates a personalized treatment plan to systematically address your chronic problem areas. This plan includes ongoing training sessions designed to fit your schedule and movement levels:

  • Direct rehabilitation utilizing advanced techniques and Pilates principles to retrain the body through oppositional movement patterning
  • Self postural assessments, positioning, stabilization, and realignment to ensure correct biomechanical alignment when sitting, standing, reaching, etc.
  • For those clients with severe neck and shoulder pain, our program includes assessment and retraining of all shoulder scapular patterning
  • Learn the importance of muscle recruitment. balance, spine segmental mobility, stabilization, and breathing techniques.

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Over 80% of dental professionals suffer from pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders caused by the demands of their profession.

Body Praxis is a training regimen designed to address specific back, neck, shoulder, hip, and arm pain caused by hours of workday abuse.

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Our experience shows that dental professionals suffer from neck and back pain associated with the following conditions due to improper workplace ergonomics:

  • Forward head posture
  • Thoracic Kyphosis adds to the strain of neck muscles sometimes causing progressive cervical disc herniations
  • Developmental Scoliosis of the spine and loss of spinal mobility
  • Instability caused by weak abdominal structure and weak pelvic floor
  • In addition, pain, tingling, and numbness in the fingers and hands are often caused by Brachial Plexus Impingement and Shoulder Elevation Syndrome

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