Testimonials about Body Praxis

I've been a dentist since 1984 practicing chairside in private practice 4 days per week and teaching one day per week at the School of Dental Medicine. I've had many episodes of back pain and my recent MRI shows several herniated discs in my lumbar spine. Ricks' Pilates and rehabilitation program has been a great way to relieve pain and strengthen my body so that I can do the things I like to do. I feel that it keeps my joints and muscles moving freely and without pain. I lead a very active life and enjoy exercise, skiing, bowling, golf, spinning, and tennis. I did not want to be unable to do any of these activities. Working with Rick allows me to do all these activities and has helped me continue to practice Dentistry, a profession I love. I highly recommend Rick's program to other dentists, and the sooner they get started the better. I believe it would have helped me to prevent my back problems had I started it earlier than I did.
Dr. Ronald Schwartz
Clinical Assistant Professor / SUNY Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine, Buffalo, NY
"As an individual suffering from chronic back trouble for the past twenty years my problems became suddenly acute with overwhelming pain and progressive loss of activity. My physician, after reviewing x-rays and performing clinical evaluation referred me to Rick. The doctor commented, "Rick Williamson will change your life." I consider myself fortunate that I had a physician who proposed a less invasive, non-surgical, less costly, conservative, but still comprehensive form of treatment. The result was a complete transformation in skeletal-muscular health. Not only am I not living in pain and have no restriction on activity, I am acheiving greater levels of physical performance. The benefits have been astounding.
Dale Klipfel, D.D.S.
Private Practice, Amherst, NY
After forty-three years of working part-time as a Dental Hygienist, I was beginning to feel like the leaning tower of Pisa. Years of turning to one side to clean my patients teeth had truly taken a toll on my back. Although not experiencing pain, I was really seeing a change in the fit of my clothes. One hip and one shoulder were higher making everything crooked. I became concerned when the first tinges of pain occured. I realized that my physical future could become quite uncomfortable. My Doctor suggested the Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio. I began the Body Praxis Program. I met with Rick a number of times and began practicing the daily exercises and breathing techniques. In a short time I began noticing changes as my body began to realign. Soon I was able to join the Pilates beginner class to continue to develope core strength, muscular alignment and continue on towards optimal spine health. I would highly recommend the Body Praxis Program to other Hygienists. You will certainly be given the tools to look better, feel better, and have a brighter future ahead.
Claudia Courter RDH
Private Practice, Niagara Falls, NY
I have been practicing dentistry for 16 years part time and throughout my career I have had upper back and neck pain. I started developing headaches that would last for days and had very limited range of motion in my neck to do all the bending over and awkward positions. I have been taking Pilates classes for over seven years now and the classes helped me relax, stretch and increase my mobility but my headaches still persisted. Working with Rick and using the Body Praxis program has allowed me to work relatively pain free, increased the range of motion in my neck and my headaches have decreased dramatically. If you want to practice without pain and maintain better overall health I highly recommend Rick and his Body Praxis rehabilitation program to other dentist.
Courtney McLean D.D.S.
Private Practice, Amherst, New York


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